Text 3 Apr 3 notes A “Reaction” to “Noah”

Now that I have finally seen “Noah,” I must admit that Kaballah does not explain it as neatly as some bloggers like Brian Mattison say it does. To use a good Yiddish word that Jewish director Darren Aronofsky would know, “Noah” is a mishmosh of Bible stories, the Book of Enoch, Zohar speculation, Gnosticism, ecology, and the SPCA, mixed with Lava Monster/Watchers (fallen angels) and a benevolent snake skin, while also leaving a few dangling story lines (Ham’s wife?). It also contains echoes of other Biblical stories like Cain, Abraham, and Job. It was simply a wild ride, and on one level, I loved it! Christians and religious Jews, you will not enjoy this movie until you sever your mind from Genesis 3-9, although Genesis One is actually quite nicely done! Go figure! Well, on second thought, don’t try to figure it out! You will go crazy! Maybe that is why one of the Talmudic rabbis became a meshugeneh after he beheld the En Sof (endless One) when meditating and traveling through the heavenly halls in a mystical trance. It was just too “deep” to fathom!